About Us

TravTab was created to make life a whole lot easier when making payments to your travel agent. The benefits of using TravTab are huge!

We've built an iOS & Android App for your convenience so you don't have to get off work early, miss a payment, bring the kids into town, make numerous of calls to your travel agent or even worse, ruin your lazy day plans that you had been thinking about all week just to pay off your holiday! Instead, pay from the comfort of your bed, in work, or just out and about at your own discretion. Even better you can schedule your payments so that you'll never have to worry about your outstanding balance again!

Our goal in the future is for TravTab to be used worldwide. TravTab will initially be launched in Ireland and soon further afield internationally. We know we have found the solution for millions of travellers & tourists that find it extremely frustrating to pay off their booking balance.

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Alan Masterson

CEO & Founder

Alan comes from an IT background with years of experience working for an internationally based IT company in Dublin.

During this time he came up with an idea which soon became TravTab through a personal experience booking a holiday.

Alan has huge plans and aspirations for TravTab both nationally and internationally and has already set his sights on additional markets. He maintains a huge can do attitude who also believes all problems are solved through action!

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Darren Murray

Chief Operating Officer

Darren comes from an IT background, working in IT with years of experience. Previous to this, Darren received his Higher Certificate in Marketing which he studied for three years in Dublin Institute of Technology.

He is a highly motivated and driven individual that prospers in a business environment.

Darren is key to the company's plan to expand quickly and efficiently both nationally and internationally. His vision and plans prove invaluable to Travtab's success.